What do I need to know?

Collection: - 22%. COD: -47%.
TSS: -87%. 100% ECF or TCH

Water, essential to produce paper

We return the water, which is essential for paper production, to the natural environment, after implementing the most modern purification techniques and complying with legislation. To give you an idea, if at the beginning of the process water accounts for 95% of the mixture, a finished paper can have a humidity of 5%. As a result of our commitment to minimise the use of water to the maximum, for every tonne of pulp and paper produced we have managed to reduce water consumption by 22% since 2005 and the pollutant load measured in Chemical Oxygen Demand (hereinafter COD) by 47% and suspended solids (Total Suspended Solids – TSS) by 87%.

In addition, 100% of the bleached cellulose production is ECF (i.e. elemental chlorine free) or TCH (i.e. totally chlorine free) to minimise AOX emissions to the aquatic environment.