More than just paper

Despite the digital era and even though some people try to justify their desire to protect the environment by making false arguments about paper and hiding their true intentions, there is no single product that conveys so many values – and yet there is no single product that does not – that can be used in the digital era.

Paper values never go out of fashion

Paper is a warm, friendly and soft product. Paper is a warm, friendly and soft product. It protects the things we love as well as our desires, unveils surprises and unleashes our imagination.

Paper decorates spaces, helps businesses run smoothly, and helps deliver goods to their destination.

Paper brings us closer to the world, fills us with culture and makes us grow as individuals. Paper is, like us, physical and not virtual.

Paper awakens our senses, enlivens our hearing and helps us to have fun. It also takes care of us when we have a cold and assists us when it comes to personal hygiene.

And by the way, any book has a longer lifespan than any electronic equipment. Its hard disk does not break down, thereby ruining hours and hours of work. It doesn’t need to be backed up, nor does it run out of batteries or need power to be useful.

When it comes to paper, the origin of its raw materials and its fate at the end of its useful life is clear. Can the same be said of many electronic devices?
– Everything evolves and so does paper, but people continue to attach significance to the same things, to the same values. The values of paper.

Paper makes your life easier

There are more than 500 types of paper, amongst which only some of the best known are printing and writing paper, hygienic and sanitary paper, cardboard and packaging paper, decorative paper, paper for labelling, and newsprint.

All of them are essential roles in fields as wide-ranging as communication, culture, education, hygiene, health, commerce, transport of all kinds of products…

We interact with paper every single day and throughout our lives, from the very moment we get up in the morning. At work, in schools and universities, at home, in the cafeteria, in a restaurant, in supermarkets, in shops, etc.

However, its presence is so commonplace that most of the time we are not even aware of how helpful it is on a daily basis. Paper has been innovating for two millennia to adapt to the changing needs of mankind, yet it remains largely unknown.

Largely unknown and yet so important in our lives. Can you imagine a world without paper? If we woke up one morning and it had disappeared from our lives, we would see the extent to which paper responds to a myriad of needs that would be enormously difficult to respond to without it.